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NFL coaching buzz: Latest on job openings, candidates

Five NFL teams have found new head coaches, while the San Francisco 49ers are still searching for one plus a general manager. Here’s the latest on where things stand with potential candidates: (Note: Assistant coaches whose teams win wild-card playoff games can interview the following week through the end of the divisional playoff games.)  Buffalo Bills HIRED: Carolina Panthers defensive coordinator Sean McDermott was announced as the new Bills coach. Denver…


Steph Curry gave himself an emphatic high-five while Durant and Westbrook exchanged words

There are two very important parts of this clip from the Golden State Warriors’ 121-100 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday night. It’s probably most noteworthy that Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant had a chat on the court — Durant actually look amused, although no one revealed exactly what was said. But the best thing in this moment in the third quarter was Steph Curry coming in to give Durant…


Russell Westbrook on Zaza Pachulia standing over him: ‘I’m gonna get his a– back’

Zaza Pachulia collided with Russell Westbrook toward the end of the first half of the Warriors-Thunder game on Wednesday night. Westbrook fell to the ground while Pachulia stood over the OKC guard and stared him down. Zaza lays out Westbrook and stands over him pic.twitter.com/oCFEn1peJq — gifdsports (@gifdsports) January 19, 2017 At first glance, it may look like the two simply ran into each other, but if you slow it down,…