‘Our little bird has flown’: Gaia Pope’s family’s heartbreak as police are ‘confident’ they found her body near a pile of her clothes a mile from home after hundreds turn out to look for missing 19-year-old

November 19, 2017

Gaia Pope’s sister broke down as she described her deceased 19-year-old sibling as the ‘light of my life’ after police revealed they found a body near a pile of clothes approximately a mile from her home. Detectives have confirmed they were confident they have found the missing teenager after a body was recovered from a coastal path in Swanage, near to where items of her clothing were found on Thursday….


After Trump Points Out Big MSM Russian Lies, Mad Maxine Panics & Drops Cash On Crazy Plot

November 16, 2017

President Donald Trump was hounded by the mainstream media for shaking Russian President Vladimir Putin’s hand while at a conference in Vietnam. The left’s crazy obsession with Russia continues, even after the official FBI investigation report was just made public. Trump pointed to that report to back up his claims that there is no evidence of collusion, and right away, Maxine Waters panicked, seeing her “Impeach 45” campaign fizzle out,…


10 Black Teens Brutally Attack 4th White Woman In Single Week, What They Did To Her With 2×4’s Will Make You Sick

November 12, 2017

  A Baltimore Maryland woman has been savagely assaulted by back teenagers wielding bats and wooden sticks, amid a rash of similar attacks in the area this past Halloween. Baltimore officials say there were at least four similar attacks in the city’s upscale Federal Hill neighborhood on Tuesday night. The attacks all involved a group of around a dozen young African American males and females. Although police have not yet released any…


‘All My Children’ actor accuses Steven Seagal of sexually harassing her during audition

November 11, 2017

Another actress has accused 1980s movie star Steven Seagal of sexually harassing her at an audition. Eva LaRue, who appeared on “All My Children” for years before moving to “CSI: Miami,” told Deadline that Seagal locked her in a room at his home in 1990 and then whipped open his kimono. The “Above the Law” star stood there in only his underwear, said LaRue, who was 22 at the time. “It was…


…………………………………Legal Analyst: Hillary Clinton Can Be Charged With 13 Crimes . DO YOU SUPPORT TO ARREST HILLARY? (DETAILS)

November 10, 2017

We know how you feel about this one – You’ll believe it when you see it. And we get that, especially with all the false starts and stops over the years that would have landed ordinary people in jail. Still, it’s interesting and newsworthy when an attorney says he’s looked at the facts of the Uranium One scandal and believes that “somebody’s got to go to jail” over it. Legal…