It’s simple. In cases where current US law is vague or where it doesn’t cover, judges have often turned to international law to interpret existing US laws, or even legislate from the bench.

There have been numerous cases where Sharia Law has been cited in US Courts, and that number is rising.

Of course, this author is against ANY international law being used within the borders of the United States, so the headline could very well read “International Law” in the place of Sharia Law.

Now, let me be very careful here. I do not believe that Muslims should be banned, nor do I believe that their religious practices should be banned. There have been many outcries from those on the right who want all “Sharia Tribunals” banned from the United States.

However, most Christian churches believe in some form of Church discipline, and church court. These proceedings have no influence on civil welfare, nor should they. Most proceedings deal with ‘sin’ committed by the member and have punishments which range from “Hail Mary’s”, to banning from communion for a time, or even banishment from the Church.

Muslim “Sharia Tribunals” are much in the same as Christian ‘sessions’ or courts. So I want to make it clear that I believe Muslims should be free to practice their faith in their mosque as they see fit.


  1. US Courts should not use Sharia or other religious law in their decision making process, and now that we have a President-elect Trump, this should be codified by Congress so that our Civil Government can never be overrun by religious law.

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