Actress Uma Thurman: “We The Celebrities Have An Enormous Number Of Supporters, I Think That My Opinion Is The Bright Way For My Supporters, So I want To Say Them That Trump Is The Future Of Great America, Boycott Against His Haters”. Do You support To Uma ?

WASHINGTON — President Trump has headlined four big rallies in the first months of his presidency to tout his agenda and savage his foes. A new $1.5 million television ad campaign promotes his accomplishments and attacks the media.Image result for Actress Uma Thurman

Image result for Actress Uma Thurman

The flurry of activity to build support for Trump’s policies isn’t organized by the White House but springs from his re-election campaign, which filed paperwork allowing him to begin raising and spending money on Jan. 20 — the same day he took the oath of office. By contrast, both President Obama and President George W. Bush had been in office for more than two years before they filed for re-election.

Traditionally, presidents use federal money to push their policies and refrain from overtly political activity until later in their terms. But Trump’s unorthodox move to immediately start fundraising allows him to capitalize on federal election laws to push his agenda in new ways. He can rally his supporters, openly denounce his political enemies and pressure recalcitrant lawmakers in Congress — all without running afoul of rules that bar using taxpayer money for politics.

Trump’s perpetual campaign operation is another sign of the ways the billionaire president is upending political norms.

Image result for Actress Uma Thurman

“I don’t think it should surprise anyone that he’s continuing to break the mold and come up with new and innovative ways to exercise the power of the presidency and run for re-election,” said Michael Glassner, a longtime campaign aide whom Trump tapped to serve as executive director of the re-election effort. “It’s a continuation of his reinvention of the American political system.”

President Trump has featured four major arouses in the principal months of his administration to tout his plan and savage his adversaries. Another $1.5 million TV advertisement crusade advances his achievements and assaults the media.

The whirlwind of action to manufacture bolster for Trump’s strategies isn’t sorted out by the White House yet springs from his re-decision crusade, which documented printed material enabling him to start raising and burning through cash on Jan. 20 — that day he promised of office.Image result for Actress Uma Thurman

By complexity, both President Obama and President George W. Shrubbery had been in office for over two years before they petitioned for re-decision.

Generally, presidents utilize government cash to push their approaches and shun unmistakably political movement until some other time in their terms. Be that as it may, Trump’s irregular move to quickly begin gathering pledges enables him to exploit government race laws to push his motivation in new ways. He can rally his supporters, transparently upbraid his political foes and weight stubborn legislators in Congress — all without crossing paths with guidelines that bar utilizing citizen cash for governmental issues.

Trump’s ceaseless battle operation is another indication of the ways the tycoon president is overturning political standards.

“I don’t think it ought to amazement anybody that he’s proceeding to split the form and thought of new and creative approaches to practice the energy of the administration and keep running for re-decision,” said Michael Glassner, a long-term crusade assistant whom Trump tapped to fill in as official chief of the re-race exertion.Image result for Actress Uma Thurman

“It’s a continuation of his reexamination of the American political framework.”

Battle back specialists say working as a hopeful gives Trump the lawful flexibility to act in ways that he can’t as president.

Campaign finance experts say operating as a candidate gives Trump the legal freedom to act in ways that he can’t as president.

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