41 Americans Found Dead In US And Now Islamic State Terrorists Are Celebrating For SICK Reason

The wildfires in California have destroyed hundreds of homes and left forty one Americans dead. It is a tragedy beyond belief that has not gotten that much media attention. While our nation is mourning this horrific incident our enemies are rejoicing. ISIS included the California wildfires in the news briefs section of their news organization that reports weekly.

ISIS paid particular attention to the devastation, the damage estimates, and death toll. In the past, they have encouraged the use of arson as a scare tactic but never took responsibility for the deadly wildfires that have been taking place recently.

In their sixteen page newsletter that they distribute through PDF, they took note of the strong winds which have made the wildfire worse. They cited the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. While also taking pleasure in finding out that some bodies had been burned beyond recognition.

PJ Media reported,

“”Thousands of people became homeless,” ISIS said, adding stats from earlier in the week on “the most destructive fire in the history of the state.” This past January, ISIS’ Rumiyah magazine — which is published in multiple languages including English — stressed to would-be jihadists that “incendiary attacks have played a significant role in modern and guerrilla warfare, as well as in ‘lone wolf’ terrorism,” claiming a November fire at a furniture factory in Losino-Petrovsky, Russia, and highlighting scores of wildfires around Israel that month as incidents that “demonstrated the lethality of such an effortless operation.””

Locations for suggested arson attacks were plentiful. This included houses, apartment buildings, forest areas, factories, gas stations, hospitals, clubs, banks. As well as car showrooms, schools, universities, bars and more. There is truly nothing off limits.

ISIS gave further instructions to plan attacks in the late hours of the evening and early hours of the morning because people are usually asleep. They went as far as to explain how to block off exits so people cannot escape and what types of wood to use to start large wildfires.

PJ Media also reported,

“The terror group did not mention blazes in Spain and Portugal, a wave authorities have pegged in part as likely arson. Police recently arrested an arson suspect in Sonoma, but slammed the “really crazy” rumor that he was connected to this month’s massive outbreak of blazes that killed 42 people. “There’s a story out there he’s the arsonist for these fires. That is not the case. There is no indication he is related to these fires at all,” Sonoma County Sheriff Rob Giordano said at a Tuesday news conference. “I just did want to kill that speculation right now so we didn’t have things running too far out of control.”

Jesus Fabian Gonzalez, a transient, told authorities he’d started a small fire at Maxwell Farms Regional Park in Sonoma, where he was known by patrol officers to sleep, in order to keep warm. He was caught walking away with a fire extinguisher and a lighter. The small blaze was quickly extinguished before spreading. He was being held in the Sonoma County Jail in lieu of $100,000 bail. CalFire said the causes of the blazes remain under investigation. At the peak of the fires, with 100,000 people forced to evacuate, 21 major blazes were burning across the state that charred 245,000 acres. Damage is currently estimated at 6,900 structures destroyed. Nine large wildfires continue to burn.”

Even though ISIS has not taken responsibility for the wildfires the timing of it leads to suspicious motives. This terrible destruction has led people to believe the Mexican drug cartels are responsible.

One byproduct of the wildfires is the devastation done to the marijuana growing industry. Hundreds of thousands of crops have been destroyed as well as cash. Because the industry is still frowned upon, it relies heavily on cash because credit card companies refuse to do business with them. Now with a lack of product and a lack of cash on hand, an entire industry will have to start from scratch again. This does not even include the entire agriculture industry.

The cartels have a large share of the billion-dollar illegal drug trade, specifically marijuana. If the wildfires continue, prices will be driven up which ultimately hurts competitors. Thus the cartels are highly incentivized to see the United States market struggle.

If such a thing were true it would cause a massive international crisis between Mexico and the United States. A relationship already in despair due to negotiations over the Mexican-American border wall. However, no evidence has proven this yet and it is mere speculation.

Regardless of who or what is responsible this is a tragedy of epic proportions for the West Coast of the United States and it will take a long time for them to recover. FEMA has been working hard to help families restore their communities but it will take time and money. The President and first responders on the ground are doing everything in their power to make a difference and in the long run they will.

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