We tested Illamasqua’s new GREEN highlighter

Their new Beyond Powder in ‘Deity’ is supposed to “invoke the fresh radiance of a spring morning”…


If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I am quite literally obsessed with any kind of makeup product that promises a ‘glow’.

Highlighters, illuminators, call them what you will but if they promise to give me any kind of lit-from-within glow, I’m all over them. But when I heard that Illamasqua were launching a green highlighter, even I was a little skeptical.

Still a glow’s, a glow right?


As part of Illamasqua’s new May Queen collection for Spring, the brand have a launched a new shade in their Beyond Powders called ‘Deity’.

‘Deity’ is a baked highlighting powder described as “a unique golden green”, that “adds a subtle warmth and healthy glow to your complexion. Invoking the fresh radiance of a Spring morning.”

To look at in the pan, the highlighter doesn’t look green at all. It has this beautiful iridescent shift which honestly makes it one of the prettiest highlighters I have ever seen.

Illamasqua highlighter

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