This is what all 4 KKW x Kylie nude lipsticks look like on 4 different skin tones

Some were fans. Some … not so much.

Neutral lipsticks aren’t exactly the most exciting beauty products to launch, but slap both Kylie Jenner’s and Kim Kardashian’s name on it, and you’ve got yourself a sold-out collection. Fans of Kim Kardashian’s more subdued beauty look of late pounced at the opportunity to buy and try KKW x Kylie, a collection of four shades chosen by Keeks herself. The glossy, soft pink hues look great on Kim, but what did these four real girls think about Kylie’s newest crème formula and Kim’s chosen colours? Read on to find out.

Tester #1: Heeseung

“I don’t normally wear nude lip shades because I’ve never found a good one for me that doesn’t make me look washed out or like I’m trying to do frosted lips. I always resort back to red because it’s easier and I know it looks good.”

1. Kimberly:

“This one is very close to my skin colour, so it looks weird.”

2. Kim:

“The coverage on this one is a little uneven — plus, it’s a bit too pink to be considered ‘nude,’ I think.”


3. Kiki:

“This shade looks almost neon against my skin and makes my complexion look tan in comparison. It definitely feels more opaque than the others and kind of makes my lips look frosted.”

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