Chris Svensson has been responsible for the design of all American Ford products since January 2014. He began his career with Ford as an exterior designer at the company’s design studio in Cologne, Germany, and has worked on products as diverse as the Ka, the Mustang, and the Falcon. Svensson takes us behind the scenes of the GT’s unique development program.

“We were told when we started this project it was not to bite into our day job. So the GT meetings were held every Wednesday night from 8 until midnight.

“We started with three themes for how we could possibly take the GT in different directions. We looked at the iconic 1965 GT40 and identified key elements such as the waterline across the nose that bites back, the squared-off headlights, the nostrils, the wrap-around glass that culminates in an intake at the back, the circular taillights on a horizontal plane with the exhausts in the middle … key thematic elements that we thought we’d love to put in the car.

“The second theme was performance efficiency. We were designing a race car at the same time, so we were inspired by a lot of things that were going on in current race car design—LMPs and things like that. We looked at how we could make it much more aero efficient than anything else out there on the road today.

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