Breaking: The Trump Admin Adds Numerous Shark Species To The Endangered Species List

It appears the Trump administration has a soft spot for sharks because amidst its often questionable position on issues concerning the environment, protected parks and endangered species, comes news that numerous sharks have been added to the endangered species list.

Yesterday, as reported by The Hill, the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) announced that the daggernose sharks, striped smooth-hound sharks, spiny angel sharks, Argentine angel sharks and Brazilian guitarfish were officially being listed as endangered; with the narrownose smooth-hound shark status changing to a threatened species.

The protections will be enacted in 30 days.

While the NMFS is aiming to protect the sharks, unfortunately, it revealed that it could not designate a critical habitat, which would serve as a “safe zone” because the endangered and threatened species do not live in the United States jurisdiction.

In 2013 WildEarth Guardians petitioned to protect the sharks and guitarfish. Two years later, the Obama administration recommended adding them to the Endangered Species List.

According to IUCN analysts, as noted by Sharks-World, there are approximately 470 species of sharks of which “2.4 percent are Critically Endangered, 3.2 percent are Endangered, 10.3 percent are Vulnerable, and 14.4 percent are Near Threatened.”

Here is a list of the worlds 25 most threatened species of sharks. The Sawback angelshark ranked among those that are critically endangered and the Great hammerhead also as one of the endangered.

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